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Travel Agents

At Scooterplus Rentals, we understand the trust clients place on their travel agents. We help make this process easy plus we have professional staff members available to answer any and all your questions.

As our partner you will receive professional service and we guarantee to deliver equipment at the agreed time. Becoming our partner is easy simply call our toll-free numbers 1-866-474-4356 to set-up a travels agent account or complete this form to start earning commissions today.

As a partner you can earn a 13% commission on all reservations you book for your clients. When you set up your account and are ready to start booking ensure you enter your agents code to ensure all commissions due to you are paid in accordance to our policy. At your direction we will deliver and pick-up your clients equipment at no additional cost to them. Please view our partner terms and conditions below.

How do I receive my commissions?

All due commissions are paid during the calendar month following a completed rental and payments will be made in the form of a check payable to the name specified on the application. To enroll today simply complete our partner application online.

Terms and conditions for our booking partners (travel agents, tour organizers, event planners etc.)

To ensure we credit your account properly all reservation partner will be required to provide their partnership code at the time a reservation is booked.

Commissions are only paid for completed rentals. We do not pay commissions for cancelled reservations.

All travel agents for example will be required to provide a number that can be verified from a well recognized travel agency organization such as the American Association of Travel Agents. Failure to provide a verifiable number may result in you being removed from our partner list.

We will accept reservations from travel agents, event planners, tour organizers or any other individual or organization in the hospitality industry.

Our commissions are currently set at 13% for each rental booked by a reservation partner.

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